Self-service bike repair station it’s device adopted to:

  • operate during all-year, regardless of any weather conditions
  • install in public places like: cycle paths, skate parks, shopping center?s parking, business centres, bike parks, etc.  


The station helps with simple bike maintenance like: gears and brakes regulations, tightening the screws connections and inflating tires.


What distinguishes our product? Why is so special? 

  • High quality: from the beginning we have been improving Repair Stations to minimize their failure rates 
  • Our station has pipe-shaped construction in which are hidden tools and foot pump (which was created by us).  It?s more comfortable in use and have less failure (our competitors use hand pumps)
  • Due to double arms (on top of the station) can be serviced two bicycles at the same time 
  • Specially designed security cap anti-theft which is provided to every station
  • Individual order: you can configure tools set, choose colour from RAL palette and also there is a large area for branding
  • QR code takes smart phone users to our web site