Self-service bike wash station it’s a device adopted to install in public places.


Bike wash station is a good supplement to the bike repair station but can also functioning separately.


Device requires bolting into stable surface with water source and drainage.


Our station has been designed for safely removing dirt from your “two-wheels”.

The optimal water pressure it is not invasive for bicycle components.


We used pipe-shaped construction to build our bike wash station the same as is in repair station.

There are hanged specialist bike cleaning brushes on steel cables inside.

Arms on top provide stable bicycle hanging with easy access to wash.


Individual order: you can choose colour from RAL palette and also there is a large area for branding.


The station equipment includes:

  • trigger operated jet wash allows for a controlled application of water
  • set of six bike cleaning brushes for: frame, wheels, chain, drive
  • specially designed security cap anti-theft